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Peyton Manning, Helen Mirren and "Bud"

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 6:33 PM
Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos hailed quarterback's comments, when winning the Super Bowl 50 game on Sunday, was shocking, to say the least, as he touted drinking a lot of Budweiser to celebrate the victory after he hugged his wife and family. It goes without saying that fellow drinkers/alcoholics raised a glass to toast his statement. Then you have young fans agreeing as they look up to the victor and continue to imbibe. To top it off, actress Helen Mirren strengthened his message, after warning viewers about the dangers of drinking and driving, by lifting a glass of Bud in a toast. What a contradiction! Go figure!  Chip Franklin, daily talk-show host on KGO Radio, San Francisco, pointed out this contradiction this morning. He is able to reach many listeners and it was very important that he focus them to the harmful message that these two celebrities were sending in the TV ads. One would reason that intelligent celebrities, knowing they are in the spotlight, would recognize the strong impression they leave on viewers and would stand for good health and actions that promote it. Where are their consciences? Is it the almighty dollar and loyalty to Budweiser that has a hold on them? Unhappily,and dishearteningly so, that is probably the case. This is certainly an example of the old saying "Money is the root of all evil". Mammon seems to be ruling currently and those who decide to live closer to their true, personal values are finding it more of a challenge these days. That is why it is more important to take what celebrities say cum grano salis with "a grain of salt" and hold fast to what personal experience and research is telling us regarding the negative influence alcohol and drugs have on our lives and choose facts over fiction. 

Categories: Influential Celebrities in the News