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with Addie Lee

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The Loss of Robin Williams

Posted on August 12, 2014 at 12:04 AM
We are all reeling from the news of Robin Williams death. It is indeed a tragedy! He touched so many people's lives with his wit and acting ability and the God-given talent he possessed which let him tap into the feelings and experiences of others so easily and entertain us all with his gift. Today, one wonders if, in his depression, he was able to reach into his own heart and those of his family to understand how his loss would affect them. From what I know of deep depression, this psychological affliction does not allow the sufferer this insight. That person sees only himself and his loneliness and pain as unendurable and is without hope to continue on in his/her life. Robin's illness, addiction, compounded his discomfort and  led to an even deeper spiral to the abbess of death. From his own words, after John Belushi died of an overdose years ago, Robin expressed how his being with John when he died showed him how he needed to clean up his own act by going into treatment for his addiction. New reports state that he had to readmit himself for treatment more than once and as late as 2006 and he may have had to do this again currently. That is the terrible curse of the disease of addiction. If the addict seeks recovery and is honest with him/herself and does whatever it takes to live a life free from addiction, it is unusual for the disease to show its ugly head again. But for many, belonging to a support group and/or receiving counseling is not enough. The addict only remembers how good it felt to be free of his negative feelings by taking that first drink or the first hit of a drug. That is why members of AA refer to this disease as "cunning, baffling and powerful" because that is exactly what it is. If in treatment, the addict does not receive the information on what he./she will be experiencing as they face life without a chemical, he/she will most likely succumb to the craving for blessed relief. But, in fact, if the addict does learn what to expect in the next 2 years of treatment and is given the tools to cope with the withdrawal, success is more likely.  As he/she withdraws from the chemical, and learns that he/she will not be feeling very good when this takes place, with the support of the group and guidance from a competent counselor, the temptation will ease in time and the recovering addict will begin using the tools given him/her with which to cope. I don't know what stage of addiction Robin Williams was experiencing but understanding the terrible power addiction has over its victims, it seems that he had been drawn back into the powerful web and downward spiral of desperation from which he knew no other escape but to take his own life.  I am thankful that he did make so many people happy with his talent and trust that we will always remember the positive aspects of his life. 

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