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Rob Ford's Admission

Posted on July 2, 2014 at 5:19 PM
It was good news to see Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's public admission that he had been in denial of his addiction in the past and in his present state is admitting that he is an alcoholic/drug addict in the recovery process. By his words, he seems to have had an awakening to his disease and is beginning down the path to recovery. What is most outstanding is that he talked about how his drinking/drugging had negatively impacted his family. He mentioned them first rather than talking about how he himself was affected. This is a very good sign. Many times, persons who admit their problem with addiction save the effect on the family to last sentence or maybe do not mention them at all but instead fixate on how it affected them. To his credit, he also thanked the staff at the recovery center he attended for their guidance and counseling in his treatment. 

Regarding the disease of alcoholism/addiction and most notable, Mayor Ford talked about the 
overwhelming craving he felt for his alcohol/drugs to continue to feel normal. According to Alice 
Lebron, chemical dependency counselor, the craving is the addiction. In her recently published book
"A Handbook For The Treatment Of Alcoholism", Ms. Lebron states: "The behaviors of alcoholism/addiction develop from the disease and are developed to protect the drinking/usage. The goal of the alcoholic/addict is to continue the usage; great discomfort develops if drinking/using is interfered with for any reason. The power in the disease comes from the craving. The craving is where the person is powerless over alcohol/drugs, or behaviors; the person is not powerless in deciding whether or not to drink/use. This needs to be clarified for the alcoholic/addicted client, co-dependent family members and others concerned. This enables the alcoholic/addict to begin to take charge of their recovery and assume personal responsibility for their decisions." 

As time rolls on, we will all see how Mayor Ford matches his words with his actions. I wish him the 
best success as he takes each step to recovery from the illness of alcoholism/drug addiction. 

I wish the best to his family whom I trust are receiving thorough counseling to guide and support them
in their recovery.

Good Karma to Rob Ford and his family!

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