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A New Kind of Slavery

Posted on July 2, 2014 at 3:53 PM
On Monday June 30, 2014 the Supreme Court's decision to support Hobby Lobby's petition to deny 
paying for contraceptive coverage in the medical plan for their female employees is abhorrent! This is the second recent judgment whereby women are the victims whose rights are removed in favor of a growing faction of religious zealots who are pushing their agenda on female citizens of this country. 
The striking down of the 35 foot buffer zone around Massachusetts abortion clinics to keep protesters from approaching patients because it violates the First Amendment right of free speech reeks of approving predatory behavior by protesters. In both findings, women seeking reproductive healthcare are being denied their rights. What has happened to them? Why is it the business of strangers or an employer to interfere with a woman's right to choose? The court is granting the employer ownership 
and control of the employee's life, a kind of "slavery". The decision has opened the door to a plethora 
of future cases whereby a corporation's power trumps women's rights which are currently being 
whittled away to nothingness. 

Perhaps a way around the "buffer zone" issue, would be for legislators to focus on how the harassment laws already on the books could be used to protect patients from protesters.

For the reproductive healthcare issue, a suggestion for a solution could be by putting contraceptives in the "Over the Counter" Category if the FDA confirms this would be safe for the consumer.

In any case, legislators need to act on these two women's take-aways and return the "women's right to choose" to the rightful owners. 

Categories: Women's Issues

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