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Co-Addiction Free

with Addie Lee

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It's Great to be here in 2014!

Posted on January 17, 2014 at 4:05 PM

When we are constantly being bombarded by the media with the bad news of the world, it is challenging to see the positives in life. However, for those of us who are recovering from co-addiction or addiction, our blessings are with us everyday. For instance, a neighbor of ours telephoned my husband right after Christmas saying "Isn't it great to be sober during the holidays?" This was another reminder of the good feelings around sobriety and recovery that occur. Having that beneficial goodness being pointed out in a simple statement like this brings a smile to the face and a warm feeling in the heart. It is easy to forget how important the positive impact of recovery is on our lives when things go so much better since that change was made and it seems routine. It's like when I faced the diagnosis of breast cancer, I lived and breathed that disease and treatment every waking moment for months. It was never out of my mind and heart. Now, thankfully 13 years later after the diagnosis and treatment, I rarely ever think about that experience. When I do it is when another woman is dealing with that demon and I empathize with her in my waking thoughts. I am thankful for recovery from that illness when our family gathers together for special occasions and I can enjoy every moment; or when one of my granddaughters succeeds in her classes in Nursing School; or when another one is accepted into the Air Force, her waking dream, and we can cheer with her. I am alive and awake and say "Yes" to life!  It's great to be here in 2014!

Categories: Life's Blessings

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