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Co-Addiction Free

with Addie Lee

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Happy Birthday!

Posted on November 15, 2013 at 6:15 PM
On September 25, the recovered alcoholic/addict in my life celebrated his 30th Birthday of "Clean and Sober" -  his recovery from addiction. Over thirty years ago, he said that he would "never quit drinking!" Today, he says he will "stay clean and sober" the rest of his life. Since he admitted his problem and sought help from a 12 step recovery program as well as counseling from a chemical dependency counselor, he has lived what he promised himself he would do. He took the steps to recovery. The road was not comfortable in the beginning after he got past the rosy glow of celebrating his surrender to admitting that he needed help. To recover, he depended on the support from the other recovering addicts in a twelve step program, his belief in a "Higher Power" and the trust in the educated words of the chemical dependency counselor who guided him in the 5 stages of recovery. As he went through recovery, so did I. I learned the 5 stages of recovery I would experience and even though it took me two years, I knew what to expect in each stage and learned how to face and deal positively with each feeling and situation as it came along. I have written about these 5 stages in a previous blog. All the steps are outlined clearly so those of you who read about the process, will see that there is indeed "light at the end of the tunnel" if you are willing to do whatever it takes to live a healthy, happy life free from addiction. The truth about recovery from addiction is that it is possible! It can be and is being done by those who are willing to admit they need help and have the strength and courage to seek that help. Ms. Alice Lebron, chemical dependency counselor, states that people who have been addicted and have done whatever it took to become clean and sober, many time do not give themselves credit for what they have accomplished. They have turned their lives around by changing their behavior to be constructive and thus, they experience the joy and serenity of their efforts. As a recovered co, I have experience this same happy and healthy reality. Family members and friends continue to see the results of  this positive change. We are all thankful for the lives we now live. Yes, I repeat, it can be done!  Go for it! 

Categories: Education-co-addiction, addiction and recovery

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