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Election Success-The Best Is Yet To Come!

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 5:13 PM Comments comments (2)
Today all of us American citizens can celebrate the success of the national election, especially since the voter turnout was outstanding and powerful against all of the obstructionist antics. Hail to all of the newly elected congress members, especially the women who will help to lead our country forward rather than back to the past whereupon many of the gains women now enjoy were only a dream. The women from the '60s to the present used their strength and courage to fight and win rights for all women to control their own bodies. However, continued vigilance is imperative to retain these rights especially in a few states where new laws have made inroads to overturning this progress. We can observe strong women like Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin and Mazie Hirono from Hawaii as they fought for a Senator's seat so that they could work with their colleagues to create better laws for the people in our country.  With these women as models, any person who is presently mired in the effects of being in a relationship with someone who suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction can be inspired to make a personal decision to seek help for themselves and their children. S/he can start with the yellow pages of the local phonebook and look up Al-Anon and make a call to the help line. A warm and friendly person will take the call and answer questions and give the location and time of the closest Al-Anon support group meeting. For the same information, one can also go to the internet and input Al-Anon on the search line. The sooner the better! The seeker will breathe a sigh of relief when walking into a meeting through an open door to health and the new information which can save that person's life.
"It's Okay to be Dumbfounded, Just Don't Stay That Way"From Co-Addiction to Recovery-Doing whatever it takes to live a healthy life free from addiction, the title of my book, is another important resource and I invite you to explore the contents. You will be empowered to move forward.