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with Addie Lee

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Rush Limbaugh's Dry Drunk

Posted on March 3, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (7)
Millions of women have been insulted, outraged and demeaned by the well-known radio commentator "Rush Limbaugh" with his obscene remarks about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student, and her testimony this week to a House Democratic panel supporting contraceptive insurance coverage for women. Rush Limbaugh, a man, called Ms. Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" who is "having so much sex that she is going broke" suggested that in order for the government health plan to pay for her contraceptive medication, that she be mandated to participate in a public video of herself engaged in sexual intercourse as a payment for her receiving contraceptives. What we have here is a display of behaviors that an untreated drug addict shows when in a "Dry Drunk".  A dry drunk is defined by treatment professionals as" the addicted acting the same way as when they were drinking or using". The most egregious behavior was Rush's attitude of Superiority-"No one is as smart as I am. No one can make intelligent decisions around here but me". This behavior is coupled with Grandiosity, his absurd exaggeration that he is larger than life and in the state of being able to dictate to others what they are to do because he is the only one who knows what that is. Because he knows best, he is able to judge other's behaviors. His expression of Rigidness with Focus on Rules and Regulations is apparent and keeps him thinking that he looks good. His delusion leads him to apply these rules to others- women - in this case. His Hostile/Aggressive/ and Abusive behavior is another indication that he is not a recovered addict.  He has no empathy for others. He is unable to put himself in the shoes of anyone else. He is blinded to the pain he dishes out to others, again women,  because he has not faced himself and his abusive behaviors and taken the path to a honest recovery. Just quitting using Oxycontin, if he has, without in-depth treatment and his taking the responsiblity to transform himself, will never lead to him being a recovered addict. He will continue in this path of self-destruction and hurting others until he "hits bottom" -losing all of his radio show sponsors, has a "moment of knowing-spiritual experience", is forced to committ to long-term treatment, or simply never gets well. Only time will tell.