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Co-Addiction Free

with Addie Lee

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Posted on December 31, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (18)
Yes, we are just hours away from 2013! I want to wish all of my readers the best in the coming year and thank you for your welcome comments in 2012. This time of year is not a happy time for co-dependents and their families. I wish you the courage and strength to move forward seeking help for yourselves. Below is a list of resources that will provide help for you:

1. Find your local Al-Anon support group. Look in the yellow pages of your telephone directory or call 1-888-425-
    2666, the national Al-Anon line
2. Call the Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.1-888-425-2666; email [email protected]
3. Attend a meeting ASAP. Take a friend or family member with you for support.
4. Check out the national Al-Anon website at: for assistance.  
5. Telephone your local Alcoholics Anonymous office and request support information.
6. Visit your local library and scan the books on co-dependency, addiction and recovery in the Self-Help Section. 
    Look for informative writers on the subject: Dr. James Milen, Toby Rice Drews, Claudia Black, Sharon Weg-
7. Read my book "It's Okay To Be Dumbfounded, Just Don't Stay That Way!" found at soon to be an
    e-book on Kindle.

New Year's Eve is not a happy time for many co-dependents and their families. "Party-time" with alcohol is the main part of the celebration and perhaps the excuse for imbibing. Society promotes drinking as part of the process and it is almost impossible to get away from this message. Drinking is everywhere as is the destruction it causes by its misuse. The "day-after" cures are prevalent which lends credence to the message that it's okay to get drunk because the "buzzed" can get relief from the many hang-over remedies that are available to solve this problem and again, it's "okay" to have this problem. It is shared by many but not the "co" because s/he has to deal with the the aftermath behaviors of the alcoholic/addict. 

So if you are a co-dependent who has experienced this situation and want help to get out of it, I know you will find it. Take heart, courage in hand, and move forward to the assistance you need and want. Here's to progress in 2013!

A Reason to Celebrate

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 5:24 PM Comments comments (82)
I know it is quite late to comment on the past Christmas holidays but I will do so now anyway.
I used to dread the holidays. When that time of year arrived it meant more hours of drinking related activities. There were the parties where Liquor was King and a constant companion for the guests whether they wanted it or not. The evenings usually started out friendly and social and ended up with wildness, over-spiritedness and co's driving their spouses home for safety's sake.  Then there was the next day with the painful hangovers where the curative "hair of the dog" remedy was applied which just led to more inebriation.
No More! Thank God those days are over and have been for the last 28 years. Now our family experiences a sane holiday with fun and laughter without the influence of alcohol. The underlying tenseness is gone and the stress that I encounter this time of year is hurrying to get the presents purchased, wrapped and under the tree, trying to make sure that the traditional breakfast food entrees all "come out even at the same time" and a big sigh of relief when everything comes together okay, even with rough edges, that I can now accept.
Yes, sobriety is a big reason for celebration!