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Co-Addiction Free

with Addie Lee

About Author Addie Lee

I care about all people, especially those who are in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict. I believe that your needs are of the utmost importance. My goal is to meet those needs through educating you and providing new information about co-addiction, addiction and recovery which will fulfill my aspiration.

My educational background is as follows: I received a BA degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Speech with a minor in Education, an MA in Education from USIU, and a Professional Administrative Credential from CSU Hayward, CA. I worked as a speech pathologist for 35 years in the public school system, at which time I had published multiple speech therapy materials for children with speech problems. I also established my own speech and language materials business, Speak-Easy Products, which further met the needs of children, parents and other speech pathologists.

After retiring, I have been able to complete and publish a book of my life story dealing with my co-addiction, my husband's addiction and our road to recovery. I am pleased to share this information on the Book Presentation page of my website. I believe it will offer new information to those of you who are searching for answers.

Also in my retirement, I am thankful to have the time now to further explore my other creative interests. I am participating in a local book club, sing in a community choir and love my knitting projects and my rock painting.

My husband and I have a son and a daughter and three granddaughters and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Geoff and I are happily and thankfully entering our thirty-second year of sobriety together.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the the attention you desire.